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Exit planning

Many owners put in years of hard work building a business, only to throw away some of the rewards by under-investing in exit planning.

Secantor has considerable experience helping owners “groom” their businesses for eventual sale.

Our exit planning – the best price for your business

Positioning your business

Starting exit planning as early as possible helps ensure you have the right structures and processes in place when the market conditions are right for sale. By focusing on the factors that drive value, we help position your business for an eventual buyer.

Many businesses are sold on a multiple of profit, so it is important to build an increasing trend of profitability. Secantor can position your business to justify higher multiples.

How Secantor can help

A Secantor financial expert will:

  • make your business attractive to potential buyers
  • evaluate what is important to you when selling your business
  • maximise your sale value and increase your multiples: Property, Pensions, IP, Contracts, “the Numbers”
  • ensure the due diligence process is fit for purpose

“Our Secantor FD had an impact beyond all expectation.”

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