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Helping to define a growth strategy

Planning for profitable growth is a key challenge facing every ambitious business.

Because every Secantor business expert has “been there and done it,” they can help prepare a focused strategy and guide businesses on maximising margins, controlling costs and maintaining positive cashflow.

Sheridan & Co is a global retail design agency. When it approached Secantor, its key requirement was for a sound financial and cash control system.

The Secantor finance director delivered a sound financial and cashflow system, along with many other business improvements – such as streamlining the financial function and introducing a funding strategy.

Secantor’s contribution was highly valued by Sheridan & Co’s management team. The company continues to go from strength to strength, delivering strong growth and building an impressive client list.

“Thanks to Secantor, we are now in control of a properly funded business. With our Secantor finance director on board, we are able to plan the company’s ongoing expansion with confidence.”

Michael Sheridan

Chairman and Founder, Sheridan & Co

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